World Must Follow U.K.’s Lead On 4 Hunger Crises In Africa, Middle East

Washington Post: Letter to the Editor: A call to action to prevent starvation
Tim Singleton, director of communications for the U.K. Department for International Development

“…As [Jackson Diehl’s June 26] op-ed noted, [the four simultaneous crises in Africa and the Middle East] are worryingly underreported. It is wrong, however, to suggest that ‘no one is paying attention.’ Britain was the first donor to call out this crisis, and lifesaving aid from the United Kingdom is reaching those in desperate need. We have lobbied others to do more and pressed international partners to disburse funding more quickly. … The international community must come forward with the additional support needed, deliver promptly on their funding promises, and push for an end to the violence that is driving the risk of multiple famines…” (7/4).