World Health Day 2015 Focuses On Commitment To Food Safety

Devex: World Health Day 2015: From farm to plate, make food safe
Keiji Fukada, assistant director-general for health security at the World Health Organization

“…The problem is that similar to so many headline-grabbing topics, interest in food safety dies down as swiftly as it flares up — forgotten until the next big emergency. Creating more sustained awareness is one of the keys to better public health. … As part of our global strategy to decrease the burden of foodborne diseases, WHO is promoting the ‘Five Keys to Safer Food’ — keep clean, separate raw and cooked food, cook thoroughly, keep food at safe temperatures, and use safe water and raw materials — that are relevant no matter where you are…” (4/7).

EurActiv: From farm to fork: Investing globally in food safety on World Health Day
Vytenis Andriukaitis, European commissioner for health and food safety, and Neven Mimica, European commissioner for international cooperation and development

“…We remain committed to working with international partners, as well as E.U. Member States, to tackle new and emerging threats. The Commission joins the World Health Organization in calling for strengthened efforts to secure the highest possible levels of health protection and food safety throughout the world. Let’s use the unique opportunity the European Year for Development 2015 provides us with to put food safety, health, and development in the spotlight. After all, it’s improving the lives of millions that we are talking about here. Let’s make this year count, together” (4/7).