World Can Eradicate TB By 2045 But Only With Greater Investments In Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention, Lancet Commission Report Says

Agence France-Presse: Tuberculosis can be eradicated by 2045: experts
“The world can eradicate tuberculosis by 2045 if the fight against the killer disease is properly funded, an international team of experts said Wednesday. Warning of the immense economic and social costs of inaction, they said that better screening, treatments, and public awareness were needed to reduce the more than 10 million cases recorded every year…” (3/20).

Livemint: In TB reality check, Lancet report says Indian, global goals unrealistic
“…According to The Lancet report, increased political will, financial resources, and increasing research to develop new ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent TB will help achieve the goal. The Lancet Commission on TB was published ahead of World TB Day on 24 March. The report estimates that there are significant financial benefits of reducing TB mortality — the savings from averting a TB death are estimated to be three times the costs, and may be much greater in many countries…” (Thacker, 3/21).

The Telegraph: Wiping out TB by 2045 could cost up to $10bn a year
“…The World Health Organization (WHO) first declared TB a public health crisis in 1993, and last year the first-ever U.N. High-Level Meeting on TB made ending the disease a global priority. … The commission was timed to launch six months after the meeting as a way of building momentum on the commitments made there, said Mike Reid, co-author of the report. ‘Despite the huge amount of political will shown at the meeting, countries still haven’t ponied up in terms of investing where they said they would,’ said Dr Reid, assistant professor of global health [at the] University of California San Francisco. … [The commission] says that the 10 countries with the highest burden of the disease need to implement specific measures to make a significant dent in rates of the disease…” (Gulland, 3/20).