News Outlets Continue Coverage Of Lancet Commission Global Roadmap Calling For Malaria Eradication By 2050

SciDev.Net: Plan to wipe out malaria comes with hefty price tag
“A global roadmap to eradicate malaria in the next 30 years has been welcomed with caution by scientists and practitioners because of the high extra costs proposed. The Lancet Commission on malaria eradication used new modeling to predict that, with better malaria interventions and control programs, the disease could be all but eradicated between 2030 and 2050. However, to achieve this, global expenditure on tackling malaria must rise by US$2 billion a year, the commission said, in a report published 8 September in The Lancet…” (9/10).
Additional coverage of The Lancet Commission report is available from The BMJ, CNN, and Forbes.