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Women In Global Health Experts Discuss Independent Expert Panel Recommendations Related To Allegations Of Harassment At UNAIDS

Women In Global Health: Beyond Band-Aids: Fixing Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Abuse of Power in UNAIDS
Roopa Dhatt, co-founder and executive director, and Ann Keeling, senior fellow, both at Women in Global Health, discuss the allegations of harassment, including sexual harassment, at UNAIDS and write, “Women in Global Health … congratulate[s] the Independent Expert Panel (IEP) on Prevention of and Response to Harassment including Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and Abuse of Power at UNAIDS Secretariat, for their comprehensive and frank report. It is a significant and hard-hitting report that needs immediate action. … [W]e recognize that discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, and abuse of power are societal wide challenges but it is time for UNAIDS to go beyond putting bandaids on a problem that requires radical action. Given its mission, the United Nations system and all its bodies have a responsibility to set the highest standards of behavior and practice them…” (12/10).