WHO Prequalifies China’s Single-Use, Disposable Male Circumcision Device

Financial Times: Circumcision device challenges China copycat image
“China’s leaders have long lamented a perceived lack of innovation in the country but, according to the World Health Organization, there is at least one area where Chinese companies have taken the lead — male circumcision. The WHO has prequalified a Chinese-made sterile, single-use, disposable device called Shangring that is used to circumcise boys and men over 13 years old without resorting to surgery…” (Anderlini, 6/17).

Wall Street Journal: In Global Fight Against HIV, China’s Circumcision Device Makes the Cut
“…The device, which doesn’t require hospital surgical facilities, will be key in reducing HIV transmission, the WHO said in a statement. Trials in African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa have shown that male circumcision reduces the risk of infection in men by 60 percent, the WHO said. The approval, a so-called ‘prequalification’ that signals international organizations that it’s okay to use the product, is meaningful for China, which wants to play a bigger role on the global health stage and burnish its image overseas by offering humanitarian aid…” (Burkitt, 6/17).