WHO, Partners To Send 1M Cholera Vaccine Doses To Yemen; Country’s Health Care System Collapsing Due To Years-Long Conflict

Associated Press: War-torn Yemen to get cholera vaccines as death toll mounts
“The U.N. health agency and some major partners have agreed to send one million doses of cholera vaccine to Yemen to help stanch a spiraling and increasingly deadly caseload in the impoverished country, which is already facing war and the risk of famine…” (Keaten, 6/22).

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Cholera in Yemen
“…After years of war, Yemen’s health care system is in a fragile state. … With an ongoing famine, about 462,000 children have severe acute malnutrition. There has been no government health budget since March 26, 2015. In October, 2016, the first wave of cholera broke out…” (Balakrishnan, July 2017).