WHO, Partners Respond To Major Cholera Outbreak In Warn-Torn Yemen

Reuters: Killed by cholera, Yemeni doctor knew he was fighting ‘disastrous’ epidemic
“…Yemen is suffering its third major outbreak of the water-borne bacterial infection since the conflict broke out in 2015, causing the world’s most urgent humanitarian crisis that has put 10 million people on the brink of famine. The disease is spreading like ‘wildfire,’ according to the United Nations which recorded 110,000 suspected cholera cases and 200 deaths in three months…” (al-Ansi, 4/1).

VOA News: Aid Groups Scrambling to Stem Cholera in Yemen
“…WHO and partners are scaling up operations to try to contain the spread of this deadly disease. They have set up 413 diarrhea treatment centers and oral rehydration centers in 147 priority districts. They are stockpiling emergency water, sanitation, and hygiene supplies. They say more than 400,000 people have received oral cholera vaccines in several districts…” (Schlein, 3/30).