WHO-Led Fund Could Boost Vaccine Development For Potential Epidemic Diseases

New York Times: The Ebola Vaccine We Needed
Editorial Board

“…[T]he world needs a better mechanism for vaccine development. … Last month, the New England Journal of Medicine published a bold proposal by three doctors for an international vaccine fund with an initial capitalization of $2 billion. … The fund would be a boon to the biotechnology companies and university research centers that are already working on vaccines but don’t have the resources to get drugs approved and manufactured. And it would save lives. The World Health Organization, which sponsored the trials of the Ebola vaccine in Guinea, could act as an umbrella organization for the fund, with financing contributed by drug companies and private foundations, as it was for the new Ebola vaccine. The WHO should set up the new fund immediately and urge its member states to contribute generously. The time to act is now — before a new epidemic takes off” (8/14).