WHO Failed To Engage Local, International Partners In Ebola Response, Independent Panel Reports

News outlets discuss the first report of the WHO’s Ebola Interim Assessment Panel, released on Monday.

Agence France-Presse: Experts denounce WHO’s slow Ebola response
“A U.N.-sponsored report on Monday denounced the World Health Organization’s slow response to the Ebola outbreak and said the agency still did not have the capacity to tackle a similar crisis…” (5/11).

International Business Times: Ebola: WHO recognizes responsibility in the slow response to epidemic
“…Requested during the special session of the executive board on Ebola in January 2015, WHO’s Ebola Interim Assessment Panel found that the United Nations (U.N.) agency had failed to mobilize the broader humanitarian systems, including non-governmental organization resources, such as community development workers and volunteers, in the early stages of the spread…” (Buchanan, 5/11).

Wall Street Journal: Experts Criticize World Health Organization’s ‘Slow’ Ebola Outbreak Response
“…An independent panel led by Barbara Stocking, former head of humanitarian charity Oxfam, said in its first report on the agency’s response to Ebola that there was ‘strong, if not complete, consensus that WHO does not have a robust emergency operations capacity or culture’…” (Roland, 5/11).