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WHO Emphasizes Importance Of R&D For Drug-Resistant TB After Excluding Disease From List Of Priority Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Science Speaks: TB partners, patients ask: How does a bacterium responsible for nearly a third of drug-resistance deaths not make list of R&D priority pathogens?
“The day after the World Health Organization announced it had produced its ‘first ever’ list of drug-resistant bacteria for which new medicines are the most urgently needed, the agency released a second announcement on the topic Tuesday, emphasizing its recognition of drug-resistant tuberculosis, which had been left off the list, as ‘a top priority for WHO and for the world’…” (Barton, 3/1).

U.N. News Centre: Drug-resistant tuberculosis continues to be serious health threat says U.N. health agency
“…According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the past 50 years, only two new antibiotics addressing drug-resistant tuberculosis have made it to the third phase of trials. … ‘Addressing drug-resistant tuberculosis research is a top priority for WHO and for the world,’ says WHO Director-General Margaret Chan. ‘More than $800 million per year is currently necessary to fund badly needed research into new antibiotics to treat tuberculosis’…” (3/1).