WHO Declares End Of Ebola Flare-Up In Sierra Leone, Warns More Cases Possible

News outlets report on a WHO statement declaring the end of an Ebola flare-up in Sierra Leone.

Agence France-Presse: S. Leone Ebola flare-up over, virus halted in West Africa: WHO
“The latest flare-up of Ebola in Sierra Leone has ended with no confirmed cases of the virus now in West Africa, the U.N. said Thursday, as the country celebrated a ‘joyous’ milestone…” (Johnson/Simon, 3/17).

New York Times: Ebola Flare-Up Has Ended in Sierra Leone, WHO Says
“…The organization said that two incubation periods — or 42 days — had passed since the last known victim had tested negative for the deadly virus. But hours after the WHO’s declaration, Guinea announced that two people in that country had tested positive for Ebola, Reuters reported…” (Searcey, 3/17).

Reuters: Sierra Leone Ebola flare-up over for now, but more likely: WHO
“…[The WHO] said that more flare-ups are possible because the virus can persist in the eyes, central nervous system, and bodily fluids of some survivors…” (McAllister/Samb, 3/17).

U.N. News Centre: U.N. confirms Sierra Leone’s Ebola flare-up is over, but cautions more are possible
“…Commending the country’s government, partners, and people on the ‘effective and swift response’ to the flare up, WHO said: ‘From nurses, vaccinators, and social mobilizers to contact tracers, counsellors, and community leaders, Sierra Leoneans in affected districts mobilized quickly and their involvement and dedication was instrumental and impactful’…” (3/17).