WHO Clarifies Guidance On Pregnancy Counseling In Zika-Affected Areas, Changes Recommendations On Sex For Travelers To Those Countries

Associated Press: U.N. changes guidance about sex for travelers to Zika zones
“The U.N. health agency is changing its advice to travelers returning from areas facing a Zika virus outbreak, saying both men and women should now practice safe sex or abstinence for six months. The World Health Organization’s guidance applies to all travelers, whether or not they show symptoms of the virus…” (9/6).

New York Times: WHO Clarifies Advice on Sex and Pregnancy in Zika Regions
“The World Health Organization on Tuesday clarified — once again — its advice on sexual transmission of the Zika virus, saying that couples living in areas where it is circulating should be offered contraception and counseling to help decide whether to become pregnant…” (McNeil, 9/6).