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In Unprecedented Domestic U.S. Travel Advisory, CDC Warns Pregnant Women, Those Planning Pregnancy To Avoid Miami Neighborhood After Zika Case Number Rises To 14

The Hill: CDC warns pregnant women to avoid Miami over Zika
“Federal health authorities are warning pregnant women not to travel to the parts of Miami where mosquitoes are believed to be spreading the Zika virus…” (Ferris, 8/1).

POLITICO: CDC issues Zika travel warning for Miami
“…The CDC is also warning women planning to become pregnant to avoid that area…” (Cook, 8/1).

Wall Street Journal: Officials Warn Pregnant Women to Avoid Miami Neighborhood Affected by Zika
“…The agency took the rare step after an investigation by Florida health officials turned up 10 new cases of Zika in the same neighborhood where they had already identified four infections. The outbreak, now involving 14 people, is the first believed to be caused by mosquitoes in the continental U.S…” (McKay/Evans, 8/1).

Washington Post: Zika fear prompts travel warning for Miami, CDC’s first in U.S.
“…Officials issued the ‘unprecedented’ warning following the identification of 10 new infections in a dense urban pocket north of downtown Miami, and after ‘aggressive’ efforts to combat Zika’s mosquito-borne spread had proved insufficient. ‘It is truly a scary situation,’ said Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ‘This is a really tough mosquito to control’…” (Sun et al., 8/1).