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WHO Announces 8th Death From Novel Coronavirus

“A 69-year-old man in Saudi Arabia died after being infected with a new SARS-related virus, becoming the 14th confirmed case and the eighth death, the World Health Organization said” on Wednesday, Bloomberg reports. “Preliminary investigations indicated the patient had no contact with previously reported cases of infection with the novel coronavirus,” the news agency writes (Bennet, 3/7). “The patient was a 69-year-old man who was hospitalized on February 10 and died on February 19,” CIDRAP News notes, adding, “His illness raises the global number of infections from the new virus to 14, including eight deaths.”

“The wide illness spectrum has left health officials wondering if current surveillance for NCoV is missing mild or asymptomatic infections and if new strategies are needed,” the news service continues (Schnerring, 3/6). The WHO “has asked countries to be alert to unusual patterns of disease among patients who fall ill with respiratory infections, but has not recommended travel or trade restrictions on any of the countries involved,” the Guardian reports (Sample, 3/7). The CDC “on Thursday warned state and local health officials about potential infections from” the coronavirus, Reuters/Chicago Tribune notes (3/7).