White House, Congress Should Work Together, Agree On Funding Package To Address Zika

U.S. News & World Report: The High Cost of Failing to Fund the Zika Fight
Cary Gibson, government relations consultant with Prime Policy Group

“…According to Health Affairs, the White House and the CDC have been redirecting funding from other sources to help with the Zika effort. … The overall effect could lead to a significant weakening of the public health safety net, making the U.S. less prepared to deal with not only Zika but other public health threats as well. Congress’s delay in passing [Zika] funding also sets a dangerous precedent for future emergencies, public health or otherwise. When the administration identifies a threat and asks for help, Congress should do its best to cooperate. Any action to the contrary makes the government response to disaster slow and inadequate. People can find relief faster and disasters can be minimized if Congress and the White House work closely together to deploy the necessary resources. … After months of letting politics get in the way, it’s time for Congress and the White House to come together and agree on a funding package to fight the Zika virus. Any further delay in action could be devastating” (6/17).