White House Announces USAID Acting Head Amid Resignation Of Administrator Green

Devex: Green’s departure at USAID sparks debate about successor
“The White House announced Tuesday that John Barsa, currently the assistant administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, will serve as acting administrator of USAID after Mark Green departs on April 10. Devex first reported that Barsa was likely to be the Trump administration’s pick for the position — news that bucked convention by elevating an assistant administrator into the agency’s top job, instead of the existing deputy administrator, Bonnie Glick…” (Igoe, 3/17).

The Hill: Trump designates new acting head of USAID
“…The change in leadership comes amid a worldwide scrambling to contain the coronavirus pandemic. … Trump’s move to appoint an acting administrator allows Barsa to take on the role quickly. A formal nomination for an administrator will have to go through a Senate confirmation process…” (Kelly, 3/17).

Additional coverage of Green’s resignation is available from TIME.