While Abortion Legal In South Africa, Country Experiences Lack Of Political Will To Uphold Law

The Guardian: It takes more than pro-choice laws to end deaths from unsafe abortions
Tlaleng Mofokeng, doctor and sexual and reproductive health and rights activist

“…There are several reasons why abortion service provision has essentially ground to a halt despite South Africa’s liberal abortion law. The formal health system does as little as it can to comply with the law. … There is little political will to uphold the law. … We cannot ignore the role the U.S. has played in limiting South Africa’s legal milestones. The Mexico City policy, also known as the ‘global gag rule,’ denies foreign organizations receiving U.S. government funds the right to provide information, referrals, or services for legal abortions. Trump’s expansion of the rule further restricts NGOs [from] using their own funds to save lives. This will lead to preventable deaths and life-long ill health from complications due to unsafe procedures…” (6/6).