WFP Needs $220M For Zimbabwe; 36M People Across Africa At Risk Of Hunger Due To El Niño

Bloomberg Business: U.N. Food Agency Seeks $220 Million for Zimbabweans Hit by Drought
“The World Food Programme said it’s seeking $220 million to help feed Zimbabweans affected by the southern African country’s worst drought in two decades…” (Latham, 3/16).

The Guardian: Drought and rising temperatures ‘leaves 36m people across Africa facing hunger’
“More than 36 million people face hunger across southern and eastern Africa, the United Nations has warned, as swaths of the continent grapple with the worst drought in decades at a time of record high temperatures. The immediate cause of the drought which has crippled countries from Ethiopia to Zimbabwe is one of the strongest El Niño events ever recorded…” (Lamble/Graham-Harrison, 3/16).