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The Guardian: Cloth, cow dung, cups: how the world’s women manage their periods
“…Basic necessities for dealing properly with menstruation, such as access to clean water or a decent toilet, are simply unavailable to millions of women and girls. Without these services, menstruation can negatively affect women’s health as well as their involvement in social and economic activities, says Louisa Gosling of WaterAid, which has published a photo gallery detailing the various ways women around the world manage their periods…” (Hodal, 4/13).

Washington Post: Tracking a sensitive topic: Menstrual health in women
“…According to UNICEF, at least 500 million women and girls worldwide lack adequate facilities for managing menstruation. And comfortable, effective menstrual supplies aren’t available to everyone with a period. People who care about ­menstrual health management want to change that. And the International Menstrual Health Entrepreneurship Roundup ­(IMHER) is tracking their efforts. The new website, developed by Dartmouth College’s Global Girls Forward Lab, is an information hub created by a research team with no financial stake in menstrual health…” (Blakemore, 4/13).