Washington Post Examines Food Crises In South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Each In ‘Protracted Conflict’

Washington Post: Starving to death
“…[T]his year, South Sudan slipped into famine, and Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen are each on the verge of their own. Famine now threatens 20 million people — more than at any time since World War II. As defined by the United Nations, famine occurs when a region’s daily hunger-related death rate exceeds two per 10,000 people. The persistence of such severe hunger, even in inhospitable climates, would be almost unthinkable without war. Each of these four countries is in a protracted conflict. While humanitarian assistance can save lives in the immediate term, none of the food crises can be solved in the long term without a semblance of peace…” (Bearak/Karklis, 4/11).