Washington Gun Control Advocates ‘Could Take A Lesson’ From Global Polio Efforts

TIME: Why Polio is Doomed and Gun Violence Isn’t
Jeffrey Kluger, editor at large for TIME magazine and TIME.com

“It shouldn’t take too much courage to stop a scourge that is killing children. Washington’s gun cowards could take a lesson from the heroes battling polio. … There has always been a particular ugliness to polio — a virus that robs a child of the simple ability to move at what should be the most restless, kinetic, exploratory stage of life. Mercifully, in most of the world that ugliness is gone — though not everywhere. Meantime, in the U.S., a new kind of horror has taken polio’s place: the school shooting. … Both polio and school shootings are acts of violence — one viral, one human. But only one, polio, is doomed to lose…” (6/12).