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Improving WASH For Better Health

In advance of World Water Day on Saturday, March 22, news outlets discuss WASH.

The Guardian: The water-energy-food nexus: experts tackle the complexities
“The triple challenge of energy supplies, water stress, and food security is becoming increasingly important at a global level. In a recent live chat on the water-energy-food nexus, experts shared positive, practical examples of policy and on-the-ground projects happening now and commented on what the future holds…” (LaBrecque, 3/19).

The Lancet: Breaking the cycle: drought and hunger in Kenya
“Aid to Kenya responds to the country’s recurrent food crises but it fails to address the underlying infrastructure problems that could prevent such emergencies. … [D]espite repeated promises by international donors that they want to address the underlying conditions that lead to yearly malnutrition in so much of sub-Saharan Africa, the basic lack of infrastructure — water, sanitation, and roads — at the root of these chronic emergencies remains unaddressed…” (Loewenberg, 3/19).