VMMC Scale-Up In Africa Will Help Reach AIDS-Free Generation

Huffington Post: A Lesson in Health: Scaling Up Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision
Leslie Mancuso, president and CEO of Jhpiego

“…[M]ore than one million men and youth in sub-Saharan Africa … have chosen to protect themselves and reduce their lifetime risk of contracting HIV by participating in Jhpiego-supported VMMC [(voluntary medical male circumcision)] programs. This is a significant milestone that contributed to the U.S. government’s goal of providing 4.7 million men with access to this safe and effective procedure that reduces female-to-male HIV transmission by approximately 60 percent and could avert an estimated 3.4 million new infections. … Combined with other critical prevention tools, the scale-up of VMMC is providing men with lifelong, increased protection from this devastating epidemic and pushing the pace of change toward creating an AIDS-free generation in our lifetime” (7/31).