‘meHealth’ Interventions Require Customized Designs To Help Reach AIDS-Free Generation

Devex: ‘meHealth’ for HIV in Africa
Jesse Coleman, mHealth program manager at Wits Reproductive Health & HIV Institute and researcher at the University of the Witwatersrand

“What in the world is ‘meHealth’? It’s the combination of mHealth and e-health technologies and services to give personalized health support to anyone in the health system … In the simplest terms, meHealth is about communicating information within a health care system to improve desirable health outcomes. … There is much about meHealth that we do not yet understand — from knowing what is the right ‘dosage’ of information via SMS to gauging how we can best support key populations with meHealth. If we are serious about reaching an AIDS-free generation, we should scale up interventions when we know they work, and continue to relentlessly pursue a deeper understanding of the different human contexts around interventions for which we still do not have answers” (1/5).