Vladimir Putin Should Take Greater Lead In HIV Prevention, Opinion Piece Says

The Independent: Vladimir Putin bears responsibility for the HIV epidemic facing Russia
Iskander Yasaveev, doctor of sociology and senior researcher at the Center for Youth Studies at the Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg

“…Vladimir Putin has not spoken about HIV during his third presidential term, and is silent about it to this day. … Since 2010, there have been no presidential statements about HIV on the Kremlin website. … Putin’s inattention to the problem is one of the factors contributing to the epidemic. In recent years, there has been no ‘top-down’ signal from the established hierarchy of power that HIV/AIDS is important. … Another circumstance that contributes to the HIV epidemic in Russia is the traditionalist attitudes of Putin and his entourage. … Instead of sexual education, the government suggests young people follow the slogan: ‘The main weapon against HIV is love and fidelity.’ … Putin, through his silence and traditionalism, bears a significant part of the responsibility for the HIV epidemic in Russia” (12/8).