Vasectomy Should Be Routinely Available, Accessible In Low-Income Countries

The Lancet: The kindest cut: global need to increase vasectomy availability
Roy Jacobstein, senior medical adviser at IntraHealth International

“…Although vasectomy is simpler to perform, less invasive, safer, and more cost effective than female sterilization, less than one in 11 users of permanent methods in developing regions relies on vasectomy. … What … needs to be done for vasectomy to become a routinely available, readily accessible method option in low-income countries? First, policymakers, donors, and program leaders, and implementers must appreciate the current and likely future extent of demand for preventing future pregnancies. Second, they need to understand that quality vasectomy services can feasibly be introduced, scaled up, and, ultimately, sustained. … Third, they need to appreciate that vasectomy unavailability is a gender issue as well as a program issue. … From a woman’s perspective in low-income countries, after having borne her desired number of children, and, typically, the lion’s share of contraceptive responsibility, vasectomy can indeed be the kindest cut…” (11/3).