Article Examines Poor Access To Postpartum Hemorrhage Drug Tranexamic Acid In Low-, Middle-Income Countries

Qrius: This drug can stop mothers bleeding to death in childbirth — so why can’t more women get it?
“…While around 6 percent of women giving birth all over the world — in rich and poor countries alike — develop postpartum hemorrhage, 99 percent of deaths from it occur in low- and middle-income countries. … The WHO updated its recommendation on using tranexamic acid for postpartum hemorrhage in light of the WOMAN trial. But almost two years after the results came out, the drug isn’t always easily available in the countries that need it most. Tranexamic acid is cheap, heat-resistant, easy to store and to produce, and it is proven to save lives. Why aren’t we using it everywhere?…” This article was originally published on Mosaic Science (Shackle, 6/23).