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Vancouver Sun Features Multi-Part Series On Malaria

The Vancouver Sun features a multi-part series on malaria.

Vancouver Sun: Part 1: Malaria’s huge human cost
“…[T]here has been huge progress in a focused assault on the disease that has been underway for just over a decade…” (Cayo, 4/22).

Vancouver Sun: Part 2: Malaria a moving target
“…[I]nsecticides and drugs face moving targets. Mosquitoes develop resistance to sprays and parasites to drugs in alarmingly short order…” (Cayo, 4/22).

Vancouver Sun: Part 3: Fight against malaria a regional challenge
“By rights, Namibia should be malaria free. And it almost is. … Yet Namibia is struggling to get to what’s called the ‘pre-elimination phase’ — a point where health officials can credibly expect to get rid of the disease forever…” (Cayo, 4/22).