Vaccination Could Prevent 24M People From Falling Into Poverty By 2030, Gavi, Harvard Study Shows

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Vaccines can save nearly 24 million people from poverty, researchers say
“New research from Harvard University and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, shows vaccination could prevent about 24 million people from falling into poverty by 2030 in addition to saving millions of lives. The study, published Monday in the magazine Health Affairs, examined the economic impact of vaccines for 10 different diseases in 41 developing countries. Sudden health care costs, researchers wrote, push approximately 150 million people into poverty annually…” (Pirani, 2/5).

Xinhua News: Vaccines to help prevent tens of millions from slipping into poverty: study
“…The researchers concluded that the introduction of vaccines in the poorest regions will have the greatest impact on reducing both the number of deaths and the number of people forced into poverty by the cost of health care. The study underlines that sustained investments in vaccines could therefore make a large contribution toward achieving the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and universal health coverage…” (2/6).