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USGLC Post Discusses Implications Of Cuts to Foreign Aid, Reactions From Congress

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition: Republicans and Democrats Agree: Foreign Aid Cuts Would Hurt U.S. National Security
Sean Hansen, government relations and policy associate at the USGLC, discusses the Trump administration’s federal budget proposal, including the potential cuts to the State Department and USAID. Hansen writes, “This week, the White House released the first hint of what its fiscal priorities will be with its FY18 budget outline. In case you missed it, national security and defense spending stole the spotlight — with reports that the State Department and USAID could be cut up to 37% from FY17 levels, while the Department of Defense may see a $54 billion increase in funding. But in the battle to defeat international terrorism and ensure America’s national security, we must look beyond just the Defense Department to keep Americans safe. But don’t just take it from me — Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle agree.” Hansen lists quotes from members of Congress addressing the potential cuts and the importance of foreign aid and development (3/1).