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USAID Works With Communities In Tajikistan To Increase Capacity To Maintain, Operate Safe Water Systems

Medium: With Water Pours Out Hope
Jessica Benton Cooney, communications specialist for USAID’s Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

“…With USAID support installing inexpensive water systems, rural villages and towns like Khojaabdolon  –  whose residents comprise 73 percent of the Tajikistan’s population  —  are gaining access to safe drinking water. In collaboration with the government of Tajikistan, USAID seeks to improve the capacity of local governments to deliver municipal services to citizens. These efforts have increased citizen empowerment through the establishment of a management structure within the local village councils to maintain and operate the water systems. … Happy with what they have achieved together through this process, villagers said they have learned that prosperity is in their hands. … USAID is working to provide inexpensive water systems, [help communities] take pride in their efforts to become self-reliant, and make their community a more appealing place to settle. With water flows hope in the village, as citizens now have time to dream of a better future for themselves and their community…” (3/22).