USAID Working To Engage Technology Companies In Silicon Valley To Support Global Efforts

Devex: To support global priorities, USAID doubles down on Silicon Valley ties
“Bonnie Glick, deputy administrator at the U.S. Agency for International Development, is no stranger to Silicon Valley. … As the agency’s private sector engagement strategy takes shape, Glick said technology will be a focus for her. It’s also the industry she is most familiar with: Prior to joining USAID, she spent 12 years with the information technology company IBM. A key message Glick has brought to the agency is how the private sector has a different mindset when it looks at the markets where USAID works. … USAID has experimented with a number of models to engage Silicon Valley over the years, including a tech sector liaison for its Global Development Lab, and the agency is eager to explore further partnerships with companies in the Bay Area…” (Cheney, 7/29).