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Opinion Piece Discusses USAID Transformation Plan, Says Congress Should Complete Due Diligence

Devex: Opinion: Uniting policy, resources, and performance for better decision-making at USAID
George Ingram, co-chair of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network and senior fellow at the Brookings Intuition

“Plans for the transformation of the United States Agency for International Development have been approved by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget and are now before Congress for review. … Among the noteworthy aspects of the transformation proposal is joining the functions of policy, budget, and accountability — currently dispersed among five operating units — into a new, single Bureau for Policy, Resources, and Performance for greater coherence and to better reconcile competing budget and policy priorities. … As reported to Congress, the three most significant objectives of consolidation are to align resources, promote a culture of learning, and project a unified voice. But each objective has serious hurdles to overcome. … The proposed structure is to be lauded, and these potential complications should contribute to the conversation on how they can be managed and how to encourage stakeholders to help overcome the hurdles. Congress should complete its due diligence and provide its input expeditiously so this commendable restructuring can move to implementation” (10/24).