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USAID Program Assists Delivery Of Contraceptives To Rural Nigeria

In a post in USAID’s “IMPACTblog,” Emmanuel Ogwuche, senior logistics adviser and manager of the agency’s Direct Delivery and Information Capture (DDIC) system, examines what it takes to deliver contraceptives to people in rural Nigeria through USAID’s Deliver Project. “Through DDIC, the project currently delivers 24 public health commodities, including contraceptives, antimalarial medications, and maternal, newborn and child health products to 365 selected service delivery points in the selected states,” Ogwuche notes, adding, “The DDIC system utilizes a vendor-managed inventory model, whereby products are delivered from state warehouses directly to the health facilities on trucks that serve as mobile warehouses.” He states, “Though still in the pilot phase, DDIC has improved the availability of contraceptives and other commodities in rural health facilities in supported states” (10/1).