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USAID Official Discusses Agency’s Efforts To Address Gender Issues In Armed Conflict

Noting “[w]omen and girls are disproportionately harmed in armed conflict,” as they are often “targets of sexual violence” and “are more likely to be sidelined from peace-building and conflict resolution efforts,” Devex interviews Caren Grown, outgoing senior coordinator on gender equality and women’s empowerment at USAID, about the agency’s efforts to address these issues. “Grown, who is also senior gender adviser at USAID’s Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning, said the agency is working to ensure women in refugee camps have fuel-efficient stoves, for example, so that women won’t have to leave their shelters to look for fuel,” the news service writes, noting she “also discussed how USAID is engaging men and boys in the drive for gender equality, such as using the education system to help change norms of masculinity that tolerate or accept gender-based violence or abuse of women.” Devex includes a video of the complete interview (Parmanand, 9/9).