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USAID Announces Launch Of Global Accelerator To End TB At U.N. High-Level Meeting

IDSA’s “Science Speaks”: TB High-Level Meeting: U.S. announces $35 million for initiative to catalyze funding to eliminate TB
Rabita Aziz, writer at “Science Speaks” and senior global health policy specialist at IDSA, highlights discussion from an event at the U.N. High-Level Meeting on TB during which USAID Administrator Mark Green announced the launch of the Global Accelerator to End TB. Aziz notes, “[USAID] will reprogram $35 million of existing USAID funding to develop a new business model for catalyzing increased investments for the global tuberculosis response … The Global Accelerator to End TB initiative will help countries develop and implement a performance-based measurement system to optimize public and private resources and better align with USAID’s TB funding and partner countries’ commitments” (9/28).