‘UHC 2030’ Could Play Critical Role In Ensuring Global Leaders Remain Committed To UHC

The Lancet: Universal Health Coverage — looking to the future
Editorial Board

“…Increasingly, political leaders seem to be presenting a shared global vision for [universal health coverage (UHC)]. … Next week, an important step towards the goal of UHC takes place in Geneva. In September, Margaret Chan announced the creation of the International Health Partnership for UHC 2030 (UHC 2030). The purpose of this new partnership is to coordinate efforts to strengthen health systems and deliver UHC, including financial risk protection. On Dec. 12-13, UHC 2030 brings countries and agencies together to establish the partnership as a formal global health systems coordination platform. It will also seek commitments from all parties as to next steps in the movement towards UHC. … UHC 2030’s role is not only to ensure that this opportunity is seized but also that governments don’t renege on their promises and commitments” (12/10).