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UAE Media Outlet Covers Gavi Mid-Term Review In Abu Dhabi

The National: UAE Gavi vaccine summit: The fight against tropical diseases that blight the poor
“In most countries, a job in the armed forces is considered a dangerous occupation. Firefighters and police officers regularly put themselves in harm’s way. But in Kisumu, Kenya, a career as a car washer is thought of as a death sentence. The cleaners are required to spend their days part-submerged in Lake Victoria … The lake is … home to freshwater snails, which spread the microscopic worms that cause schistosomiasis, or ‘snail fever’, which is second only to malaria as the world’s most-deadly parasitic disease. … People take the jobs anyway, says Ellen Agler, the chief executive of the End Fund, a New York-based charity which is working to end the suffering caused by neglected tropical diseases (NTD), including snail fever. … She said that despite a lack of public attention in the west, rapid progress is being made as new treatments are developed. The fight is being supported by foreign governments such as the U.S. and the U.K., as well as significant funding from the UAE. Speaking at the Gavi conference in Abu Dhabi, Ms. Agler praised backers in the UAE who have helped make significant progress in tackling NTDs…” (Sanderson, 12/11).

The National: UAE Gavi vaccine summit: Technology helps ensure vaccines reach the most vulnerable
“The world’s forgotten children will be issued with ‘digital birth certificates’ under plans to ensure they do not miss out on life-saving vaccinations. At the end of its conference in Abu Dhabi, Gavi, which has helped to vaccinate about 700 million children in the past two decades, announced a deal with Mastercard in which the company will use its technology to give parents cards programmed with their children’s health data…” (Sanderson 12/11).