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U.S. Turns Down Request For Intelligence From UAE In Yemen As Hodeida Offensive Continues

IRIN: Hodeidah: What the assault means for Yemen’s civilians and the aid effort
“After months of diplomatic wrangling and despite repeated warnings of humanitarian catastrophe, the long-threatened assault on Yemen’s Red Sea port city of Hodeidah is now underway. … No one can be sure how the battle will play out, but everyone agrees that in a country that has been on the brink of famine for years, the offensive will make life for 27 million Yemenis even worse…” (Slemrod, 6/14).

Washington Post: U.S. turns down UAE request for aid in offensive against rebel-held Yemeni port
“The United States on Wednesday turned down a request from the United Arab Emirates to provide intelligence, overhead reconnaissance, and mine-sweeping aid to a newly launched military offensive against the rebel-occupied Yemeni port of Hodeida, according to Emirati and U.S. officials. The denial came as the United Nations continued a last-minute effort to avoid the attempt to retake the port, through which the majority of food, fuel and medical assistance flows to civilians in what aid groups already consider the world’s worst humanitarian disaster…” (DeYoung et al., 6/14).