U.S. State Department Officials Testify Before House Subcommittee On FY18 African Aid Budget

Africa Times: Yamamoto testifies before U.S. committee on $5.2 billion African aid budget
“Donald Yamamoto, the acting assistant secretary for African affairs at the United States Department of State, testified before a U.S. congressional committee on Wednesday in defense of a USD$5.2 billion foreign assistance budget request for FY 2018. Yamamoto, in a position that President Donald Trump’s administration has yet to formally fill, said the funding is critical to support an Africa that is growing beyond the images of poverty and security crises. Yet his appeal emphasized the need to continue support for counterterrorism, pandemic and other health emergencies, political instability, and human rights violations in the most fragile African states…” (10/12).

Devex: U.S. officials give a glimpse at Africa budget, policy objectives
“…The key themes that emerged as the guiding principles for U.S. policy in Africa are a focus on national security and economic development. There is also a strong narrative that the U.S. cannot do it alone and so other development agencies, countries, and companies all need to step up and partner with the U.S. on these issues…” (Saldinger, 10/13).

Daily Nation: Donald Trump’s cuts in aid to Africa draws hard opposition
“Two State Department officials were thrown on the defensive as members of the U.S. Congress denounced the Trump administration’s proposed funding cuts for programs in Africa. The Republican chairman of a U.S. House subcommittee on Africa joined his Democratic colleagues in criticizing Mr. Trump’s intention to sharply reduce food aid and to scale back other initiatives benefiting sub-Saharan countries, including Kenya…” (Kelley, 10/13).