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U.S. Should Take Leadership Role In Prioritizing Global WASH Access

The Hill: Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting
Ted Poe (R-Texas), chair of the Foreign Affairs Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade Subcommittee

“…Water scarcity not only affects individuals and communities — it is directly tied to global stability and even U.S. national security. … By addressing this one fundamental requirement for human life, we can save lives and improve the world. As the wealthiest and most innovative nation on Earth, solutions are within our reach. The United States must act as a global leader, setting an example by prioritizing water, sanitation, and hygiene access. We can do this by prioritizing assistance to countries in the greatest need and ensuring that the legally mandated water office that already exists in USAID is appropriately funded and preserved during the agency’s redesign. Today, 1.4 billion more people have access to clean water than they did in 2000. This means … 1.4 billion lives have been saved or fundamentally improved. With our God-given resources, it is our moral duty to see that no one must suffer because of lack of water…” (5/14).