U.S. Should Take Action To End Drug-Resistant TB

Los Angeles Times: Do we have the will to stop TB?
Caitlin Reed, director of the Inpatient Tuberculosis Unit at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center and assistant professor of infectious diseases at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine

“…Both [extensively drug-resistant (XDR) and multi-drug resistant (MDR)] TB spring from the same roots: inadequate treatment for regular TB, which is often the result of weak public health systems around the world. … It’s a bleak picture, and one that could get worse. In his 2016 budget, President Obama proposed a cut … in funding for global TB programs. However, earlier this year, the White House also announced the development of an ‘action plan’ to stimulate drug-resistant TB research and treatment at home and abroad. The president should request the funding required to implement the plan. … There will be those who say we can’t afford comprehensive action to stop tuberculosis. But … how can we afford not to?” (11/18).