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U.S. Secretary Of State Nominee Mike Pompeo Could Transform U.S. Approach To Addressing Global Hunger, Malnutrition

The Hill: Pompeo can lead the fight against global hunger and malnutrition
Lucy Martinez Sullivan, executive director of 1,000 Days

“…The nomination of Mike Pompeo to be U.S. secretary of State presents a critical opportunity to do away with the ‘business as usual’ approach to dealing with hunger and malnutrition. As secretary of State, Pompeo can lead the charge in transforming the U.S. government’s approach to the problem. First, he can reinvigorate the important role that the U.S. Department of State plays in advancing global food security. … Second, Pompeo can help shape the political and diplomatic solutions that are needed to break the vicious cycle of conflict and hunger and bring about lasting peace and stability. … Finally, as secretary of State, Pompeo has a chance to shine an international spotlight on how investments in nutrition and food security can secure more peaceful and prosperous futures. … It is my hope that Pompeo still sees the value of American leadership in the fight against global hunger and malnutrition and that if confirmed as secretary of State, he seizes the opportunity to contribute to a world in which families can feed themselves and children have the chance to reach their full potential” (4/18).