U.S. Secretary Of State Delivers Remarks Before House Committee On Foreign Affairs On Foreign Policy Strategy, FY 2020 Budget Request

U.S. Department of State: State Department’s Foreign Policy Strategy and FY 2020 Budget Request
In an opening statement before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discusses the State Department’s foreign policy strategy and FY 2020 budget request, noting, “[The administration’s budget request is] designed around the National Security Strategy to achieve our foreign policy goals. The request for $40 billion for State Department and USAID puts us in position to do just that. These monies will protect our citizens at home and abroad, advance American prosperity and values, and support our allies and partners overseas. We make this request mindful of the burden on American taxpayers and take seriously our obligation to deliver exceptional results on their behalf…” (3/27).