U.S. President Trump, Congress Should Take Steps To Fulfill ‘Several Pro-Life Actions’

The Hill: Time for Trump to make good on his pro-life promises
Melanie Israel, research associate for the Heritage Foundation’s DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society

“…President Trump can take several pro-life actions now that he sits inside the Oval Office. For starters, he could reinstate the Mexico City policy … Potential pro-life action for the Trump administration is by no means limited to executive orders or HHS policymaking. Under the Kemp-Kasten amendment, President Trump has the authority to withhold funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) … The new administration can also commit to enforcing the Helms amendment and other longstanding prohibitions on funding abortion in international programs. More broadly, it can ensure that every government agency involved with the federal grant process does not discriminate against faith-based, life-affirming organizations. … As the March for Life gathers this week, pro-life leaders are hopeful that their voices will be heard and have new impact as a new administration and new Congress get to work” (1/22).