Trump Officials Called U.S. ‘Pro-Life Nation,’ Pushed For Abstinence Policies In Closed-Door U.N. Commission On Women Meetings

BuzzFeed News: In Closed-Door U.N. Meetings, Trump Administration Officials Pushed Abstinence For International Women’s Health Programs
“In closed-door meetings at the United Nations in March, Trump administration officials pushed socially conservative views on women’s rights issues — including abstinence-based policies over information about contraception — that were further to the right than those expressed by most other countries present, including Russia and the representative for the Arab states, U.N. officials who attended the meetings told BuzzFeed News…” (O’Connor, 4/17).

The Hill: Trump official claimed U.S. is a ‘pro-life nation’ in U.N. meeting: report
“…Bethany Kozma, a USAID adviser on women’s empowerment, reportedly said during a meeting that the U.S. was a ‘pro-life nation.’ … Another delegate [to the Commission on the Status of Women] criticized HHS official Valerie Huber, telling BuzzFeed News that she pushed a ‘particularly regressive’ stance on sexual education. … Other officials said that the Trump administration’s views as displayed at the meetings were further right than the Bush administration, and that other member states united together against U.S. officials on family planning issues…” (Anapol, 4/17).