U.S. Must Protect ‘Critical Investments In Women’s Health Globally’

Huffington Post: From Here To Uganda: Why U.S. Leadership On Reproductive Rights Matters
Seema Jalan, executive director at the Universal Access Project

“…Unprecedented efforts are under way to roll back gains in sexual and reproductive health and rights around the world. The U.S. administration’s January reinstatement and dramatic expansion of the [Mexico City policy] will make it more difficult for millions of girls and women to access the contraception and health care they need. Just last week, the president’s proposed budget outlined slashed funding for the United Nations, which would drastically impact U.N. agencies providing humanitarian assistance — including reproductive health and family planning — across the globe. … This impact is not limited to women and girls. Access to reproductive health care and family planning generates a ripple effect, creating healthier and more prosperous families, communities, societies, and economies. Now is the time to build on progress, not to reverse it. We can support the dreams of millions of girls and women … but only if the U.S. protects critical investments in women’s health globally” (3/23).