U.S. Must Implement ‘Full-Scale Defense Against Zika’

Forbes: The Inconceivable Future Of Zika Inaction
David Barash, chief medical officer at the GE Foundation, and Jonathan Quick, CEO of Management Sciences for Health

“…The longer we wait to mount a full-scale defense against Zika, the worse the consequences will be. … Each one of us can support [the Zika response] effort by urging our legislators and leaders to address the crisis now, not later. With financial support for needed resources and training, and public perception support in the form of advocacy and awareness, we can make a substantial impact in keeping Zika at bay. Zika presents a significant threat now, and the cost of that threat grows the longer we wait to address it. If we want to ensure our country — and children — grow up safe and strong, private and public sector allies must act together to defeat Zika while we still can. Inaction is not simply inadvisable; it will lead to consequences that are truly unacceptable” (8/29).