U.S. Must Continue Leadership Role In Financing End Of AIDS Epidemic

Devex: Funding the end of an epidemic: #WhyNow?
True Claycombe, policy manager at Friends of the Global Fight

“…[The funding needed to reach the goal of 90-90-90 by 2020] will be a combination of public and private investments, from increases in domestic financing from implementing countries, and donors like the Global Fund, PEPFAR, and UNAIDS. … [S]ome critics … have claimed that the Global Fund’s [spending] target is too low, and that the HIV/AIDS community is overestimating how much will actually come from domestic financing. While it is not reasonable to completely discount domestic financing, we must be realistic in order for donor governments, including the United States, to continue to finance the fight. … The United States is the number one donor to the Global Fund and essentially sets the benchmark for what other countries are willing to commit. Thus, the United States must continue its leadership role in the fight against HIV/AIDS. #WhyNow? Because with continued and robust investments, we have an opportunity to be the generation that put an end to the epidemic…” (7/14).